Riverside Lovers - Serif & Script Font Duo

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Riverside Lovers - Serif & Script Font Duo

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September just started two weeks ago and cloudy weather is forcing me to stay at home. I feel quite nostalgic about the blue skies of July, and even scorching heat of August. I wanted to transfer my feelings to paper and that's how this romantic font duo was born. I have been working on the script during the heat wave in August, but I have finished the serif in September.

Riverside Lovers script & serif both have full language support and over 300 ligatures. Most of them are included in the script font to give a true handwritten feel to all your designs. I invite you to check out the preview images, and I hope you will be immersed in my vision for this creative typeface that, I am sure, will work for all kinds of interesting projects you might be working on this year.

If you end up publishing your designs on Instagram, tag me - https://instagram.com/silverstagco and I will make sure to showcase your design and work to my audience as well!

NOTE: Ligatures are supported in most desktop programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Word, Pages & Keynote. Most of them will have this option automatically switched on. If you're using Canva, although ligatures are not supported out of the box, I have included detailed instructions on how you can use them for your designs as well**


Both fonts the following letters: A À Á Â Ã Ä Å C Ç D Ð E È É Ê Ë I Ì Í Î Ï N Ñ O Ø Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö U Ù Ü Ú Û W Ẃ Ŵ ẄẀ Y Ý Ÿ Ỳ Ÿ Æ Œ ß Þ þ in uppercase and lowercase, so they support Danish, English, French, German, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish...

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RiversideLovers-Serif.otf - Main Serif Font
RiversideLovers-Script.otf - Handwritten Script Font
Over 300 Ligatures and Alternates
Full Language Support
Lowercase and Uppercase letters
Numerals & Punctuation
Web Font Kit is Included as Well
1.8 MB