Collidge - Bold Ligature Rich Sans Serif Font

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Hey everyone, I've been burning the midnight oil, and I'm stoked to unleash my latest typeface creation: Collidge! This one's for all the designers who crave maximum impact and aren't afraid to turn the volume up to eleven. With four versatile versions – regular, regular outlined, rounded, and rounded outlined – you've got endless options to play with.

Forget boring fonts – I packed this bad boy with over 150 ligatures and alternates. Get experimental and discover hidden gems that'll add that unique, eye-catching flair to your designs.

Boldness Redefined by Collidge

Collidge, my super bold sans serif, isn't messing around. Think chunky strokes, sharp angles, and a commanding presence that demands to be seen. It's got that modern, urban edge that works perfectly for cutting-edge branding, attention-grabbing headlines, and impactful social media graphics.

Global Reach, Limitless Potential with Collidge

No project's too ambitious; Collidge crushes language barriers with multilingual support for over 90 languages. Whether you're working with international brands or reaching a diverse audience, this typeface has you covered.

Picture Collidge emblazoned on:

  • Powerful sports posters and promos
  • Trendy streetwear labels
  • Edgy magazine layouts
  • Unforgettable website banners
  • Dynamic logo designs
  • Ready to Amplify Your Work with Collidge?

If you're looking for a typeface that's as fearless and attention-grabbing as your ideas, Collidge is for you. Get ready to make some noise and take your designs to the next level!

Would you like to get 5 completely free fonts worth over $75? No tricks, no hidden words, terms or anything. Just subscribe to my newsletter, make sure to check your email to approve the subscription, add me to your contacts so that the emails don't end up in spam folder and you will get 5 fonts for free. The fonts are packed with alternates, ligatures and some even come with extra goodies.

Happy creating everyone!

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Collidge - Bold Ligature Rich Sans Serif Font

0 ratings
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